Tuscany - Landscapes and colours


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Feb 21, 2006
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Parma- Italy
Here some photos of a wonderful land in Italy - The Tuscany.
I have made this shots in my trip in San Gimignano and Volterra , if you wanna see the complete albums click on ...
San Gimignano - http://community.webshots.com/album/551046610iLlsSj

Volterra & Poggibonsi - http://community.webshots.com/album/551048003TrQLga
I'm happy to read ur comment in my guestbook.
Thank and greetings




Three is my favorite. They are all very stunning.

I do agree with Silverstrand on 1 and 2 being a bit dark. 3 seems great to me.
The cloud cover in 1 is amazing but yes, the first two are quite a bit on the dark side ... no, erm: not darkside! Don't get me wrong ;).

Tuscanny is so beautiful.
I was there only once, and that was 12 years ago.
I remember the places of San Gimigniano and Volterra. Went to both, too.
very beautifully captured... especially the 2nd photo :thumbsup:

italy is a wonderful place for photographers. yet another place i must visit when i go to europe in the future!
Gorgeous landscapes. They are a little dark on my monitor, as well, but it's easy to see they are still quite lovely!
very beautiful, but I too believe a few are a little dark....

Pay for my trip and I would be glad to go back with you to take more... :hail:

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