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Dec 14, 2004
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I love the perspective in the first one and the movement of her dress. I do agree with cbay, something seems a little off....maybe her expression? I do love the last one, her ring just pops and I think it's a great shot! I love seeing your work,'s a big inspiration to me!
Hi Alison! I'll post another of the same series to see if that works better. Omg, I can't believe you said that. I remember when I first started posting here. You've been MY inspiration in all things Portrait/Wedding since that day. You and Pete. I learned through the two of you, and I'll aways be your biggest fan.
Yes, it is. Much, much better. Very cool.

We'll talk about hands another day.

Ya know Cindy, my next wedding will look quite a bit different due to your influence.

Oh gosh Pete!!!! You do great as it is. Sorry about the hands. I HATE posing stuff and frankly I'm no good at it, so I just get what I can, when I can.
Great photos! I agree love the hand portrait personally.. It speaks for itself.. The first photo you posted, I Love the second one of that much better..
Ok, I'll try that Jon.
Holly, thanks. It was a close tie betwen the two, but I thought she looked a bit more romantic in the first. It was hard to know which one to go with though. They are both pretty close.
Composition wise, I favour the 2nd version of the first one.

Lovely processing on all the four!!
elsaspet said:
Just cleared my PM Dan. :)
haha, thanks for the email!! :)... lemme go check now.
Yes the expression is much better but Im just unsure. Sorry dont want to sound a misery. But your work is a great inspiration, I am diffinately going to try something simular at my next wedding.
Whoa! Love the first and second frames. Classic twirl in the first shot. I love the shape of her dress. The second frame looks like she is running from something. Her eyes and her hand on the cat really makes it. Looks like a scene from the classic film "Labyrinth". As I think about it... that may not be conducive to a good marriage.

Hands are a tough deal to photograph. Again; that is a whole other story.

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