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Jun 27, 2003
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she was a beautiful doll when i got her, that was the problem :lol:


Dew, have you ever wondered if you have too much time on your hands? :lol:

These are kinda cool, in a weird sort of way... :wink:

:lol: :lol:

i won this doll on ebay ... i have a project with this doll to shoot her in the streets of NYC all over the place... on the sidewalk, on the subway train, strangers holding her etc.

the problem was, she was too "pretty" ... i want to show the "beauty of ugliness" :eek: ... so i got out my make-up bag and went at her ... i wanted to make her less wholesome (my hubby gets the credit for smearing her make-up :p )

we took the doll outside to get some shots and my neighbors were sitting out front .. i was a little embarrassed to be seen with the doll in this way.. they might think we're strange :roll:
The shots are definitely interesting and, as others have said, very creepy!
I do find myself wondering though where the drive to make something pretty into something grotesque comes from?
i think "beauty" shots are interesting ... but these kind of shots are fabulous .... the first shot, the doll looks a little boring to me, standard and traditional ... i want people to see a "doll" ... the symbol of something pure and wholesome in the worst way :) ... "the beauty of ugliness"

its like, i'd rather shoot on a rainy day, as opposed to a sunny day ... i'd rather shoot a homeless man on the street, as opposed to a fashion model... i like "darkness" in my photographs :lol:

im doing a series on this doll ... i got shots of her in the gutter on the curbside, in an outside dumpster, on the sidewalk with debree and trash around her ...

seriously cool work though


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