Twisted Lense

Wow Dew!!!!

I just had a quick peek at all the pics (will go back again later) but i love your work. You have your own style which is fantastic as it opens up a whole new dimension to everyday scenes. Some things you have shot, i would probably just walk past and not give a second glance to, but you capture the subject and present it very very well.
I especially like your environmental portrait shots. The day to day street shots of New York (?) are great and the B&W is very appealing.

You have some good stock photograghy pieces in there.

You should be proud of your work to date! Keep up the top job!

Luckydog :)
:oops: :oops:


i usually add new photos at least twice a week ... im always taking photos

i just got this wide angle lense last week, so im gonna do a panaramic gallery
You have some excellent photos going there Dew. Fantastic! :thumbsup:
You certainly have a eye for the everyday thing that most of us do take for granted. Your use of lighting in the objects gallery is excellent. Very well done.
If I may add, the only thing that sorta bugged me was the way you typed out your introduction. The lines jump to the next sentence before they are complete.
i did it like there for uniformness on the columns, im gonna look into that ... thats why i wanted u guys to check it, cause it looks different on each screen ... i'll see what i can do .. thx :)
thx :oops: ... im still growing ... im getting more familiar with my cam everyday ... the bad part, im getting pickier with what i shoot :? ... people are starting to tell me my strong point seems to be people ... i dont think i want to just shoot people ... but they sure are fun :lol: ... i want to continue to experiment
I went looking for this knowing that it would be good having seen a bit of your other things as I was not here when you posted this!

You are my new hero!
I really love it all!
I need more!
Your pics evoke so much emotion! Those dolls exspecially that one that appears to have been left in a compramising position in an alley....
it made me angery, how could anything be more innocent and more corupt! It made me down right mad and to be able to evoke that kind of emotion from a photo is in my mind a great photographer!
You do not just take pictures you tell stories and your photo speak volumes!
Please let me see more!

They are crisp and harsh and soft and very hip all at the same time!
Very impressive! :shock:
I like what you've done. It's a really clean site, easily navigatable, and dynamic enough to stay interested, but not so much that it will deter some lower end users. The photography (which is very good also) is displayed so that people can get to what they want easily.. Good job.

I would only suggest one thing, maybe having the ability to display the photos at a higher resolution.
thanks mikeliketrike :D

the low resolution photos is to keep loading time down (im on a cable modem, im sure i dont notice it) ..each of my original files are 3MB-6MB each... the hubby seems to think there are still 56k users out there :shock:

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