Two Fashion Shots


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Aug 5, 2007
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Other than the obvious watermark takes away from photo yadayadayada, thoughts? Lighting was right side metz cl4 flash fired into an umbrella.

It's nice but there are two main thinks that bother me:

1.) the shadows on her face and body (especially that one from her nose and then the shadow-situation around her right shoulder)

2.) I don't get anything from her the way she looks "in the sky".
You should have tried a more sensual look directly in the camera or so, this looks a little like "day-dreaming", but not in the best way....
The lighting seem too hard/harsh. The shadow on the right side (our left) of her face looks too sharp.

The message seems a bit confusing. Are these fashion shots? If so...the lighting seems way to dramatic. If these are artistic, form studies etc...then the dramatic lighting is more appropriate...but then the make-up & wardrobe seem out of place.
Adding a reflector to the shaddow side would soften the shaddows and clean up the image
I too find the lighting a bit too harsh. The reflector actually should have solved that. It would also have added a lot more presence if the model had looked into the camera. And the black part of the dress lacks details. Nag nag nag... :)
Reflector at the very least. Else, a fill.
To the very basic, fashion shots are supposed to emphasize the clothes. I don't see that happening here.

It looks more like a beauty shot then a fashion shot (and I know nada about either). If it was for fashion then I don't like how you chopped the dress right below the bust.
The light has been mentioned and I agree.
The other thing that is bugging me is she looks bored and like "I can't be bothered to express anything" and slouchy as before mentioned. She is just looking in a random direction and but doesn't seem be interested. She's not emitting any emotion that would make her interesting but she is beautiful and has wonderful eyes. I think it might have payed off to do a close up of her face (better light) and then pulled back to get more of her outfit in.
I'm glad she likes them though :)

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