Two *FREE* programs I fell in love with

Discussion in 'Graphics Programs and Photo Gallery' started by Replic, Jan 23, 2005.

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    Dec 16, 2004
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    First one up is a bit unknown, just found it this morniing and I absolutely love it.
    It's small, doesn't have annoying borders or problems resizing, and takes so little computer space that I've had tons of pictures open on my desktop at once without any slow down.

    2nd is well known:

    This is a free picture organizer/editor from Google - I fell in love with it and have done my most recent photo work with it. While it is certainly no GIMP - it's nowhere near as capable or flexible as that free graphic editing program, it takes care of some of the simpler aspects of photo editing in a much easier way. On top of that, its organization and photo presentation aspects are outstanding.

    Any thoughts on these?


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