Tyler using a zoom lens? Say que?

o hey tyler

Been spending a lot of time on here!
Aug 3, 2009
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As you know, I am a prime lens fanatic. For a wedding today, I'm going to get real familiar with this bad boy. Might want one after this...

I think it tingled a little.... yum.
Nice, though for me the Nikkor would be the thing. ;)
Did you buckle it in with the seatbelt?
Tyler with a zoom?
Armageddon is upon us!
The end is Nigh!

Seriously a big lens sitting like that needs to be buckled in properly - what if you have to put the brakes on suddenly!!

That said if that is the MII IS version then, yeah that lens is amazingly good! I've even known some to go really mad and sell primes to own that zoom!
Nasty day for a wedding. I imagine the coast is even wetter than inland.
Prime guy or not, you can't help but love that lens.
Tyler's wedding rate just went up several grand.
Nice try...that's a selfie!!
I got to use one of those while my brother was in town last month. I loved it but I don't know if I could every carry that thing around for a wedding lol. Not to derail..... Mishele your avatar is swoonworthy!

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