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    I've always been one to appreciate "time." No matter the length, "Time" can be worth so much. The short background - due to abuse, I was taken from bio family and in 2003, I found bio family after 23yrs of separation. There are a few other brothers and sisters but the one that's still with the bio family, the one I wanted time with... well, it's been prevented.

    That said, this isn't that brother but rather a self-proclaimed, "brother from another mother;" closer to me than anybody else.

    Who Dunnit & To Whom - backstage prior to final dress run of the performance.

    Last time we saw eachother - I'm a little disappointed with the hotspots but then again, photographing white isn't the easiest thing and when it's a matter of, take photos while you can, I would rather have "something" verses nothing at all.

    "The Tracks" always have been one of those things we both remember. It was always a simple getaway place we could go just to chit chat. Some other memorable photos were also taken here during the last week I lived in the area.

    Sam and Tyler - brothers being brothers - anything new? They're both on the wrestling team and needless to say, it suits both well. They're always claiming eachother better than the other and while Tyler is definitely better, he'll let Sam at least hold him down for a few minutes from time to time.

    No clue as to *cough* who is *cough* in black and white or why his "wife" as it's been called (aka Dell Inspiron 9300) is in the picture but perhaps because Tyler was checking out some videos from this past ski season.

    .............just a little peak into my life.


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