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Discussion in 'Specific Technical Assistance' started by tute03, Nov 26, 2007.

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    Hi everyone.

    I recently purchased a Lumix TZ3 in replace for my Olympus Stylus 500.

    I'm having some problems with the quality of the photos taken but I can't find what's causing this problems.

    As examples, in photo 1, pay attentian to the middle guy's legs or the left guys jeans. The colours look faded.

    Check photo 2, colours aren't quite right, there's something wrong with them.

    I really don't know whether this is a White balance problem or a camera issue, that's why your help will be more than appreciated.

    Photo 1 link:

    Photo 2 link:[​IMG]

    By the way, the camera settings when the photo was taken were:
    5 MPX, Auto White Balance, Auto Flash

    Thanks in advance

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    Dec 16, 2007
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    Im not sure of the colors in the first pic. The jeans look fake, but I have a hard time telling the image looks a little grainy to me cause the picture is blown up really big.

    Another thing to consider is your monitor may not be calibrated propelry, which can cause the colors to look off.

    The second image the link wouldnt work


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