Uh oh. Nikon 17-55 lens not being recognized by my D7000


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Mar 2, 2010
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I've used my 17-55 for over a year with my D7000 and for some reason over this past weekend the camera is not acknowledging the presence of the lens. The camera can tell it has a lens attached, but it shows an aperture of F/0. I've tried a number of simple tasks to see if it's just a glitch with no luck. I'm not sure if a lens can die but it seems that way. Lens repair is no where near where I live so I'm hoping someone can offer a diagnosis.

Thank you
Yes.. lenses can die. My 17-35 had the same issue, except it would always say it was at 24mm regardless of the zoom setting.

I was told it was a loose or damage ribbon cable in the lens.
Others will probably have a lot more experience and a lot better advice, but I can tell you that I've had this happen twice, once with my D5100 and once, just this weekend, with my D7000. Both times it was a different lens that did it--this past weekend it was my macro lens, one of my most-used lenses. I'd put it on earlier and it worked, then I switched lenses for a while and when I switched back, all of a sudden, I just got error messages.

Both times it's happened to me, cleaning the contact points on the back of the lens with a small amount of rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab has done the trick.
I've also heard changing lenses with the camera ON can do this as well.
Yeah clean the pins and see if it works then.
Thanks for the replies. I'll do some cleaning and see what happens. fingers crossed.

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