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Jun 13, 2003
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This isnt actually a bad thing but heres the situation. I have a set of 4 models coming to see me for 3 days. I could do the normal "studio" deal or local parks etc etc, but as Im sure you are I am getting weary of these "normal" locations.

I am hoping for suggestions as to were to go on short notice, I like industrial parks and wouldnt mind shooting somewhere like that but the closest one to me is a few hours away (that I know of anyway) Is there anywhere that you shoot people frequently that is a little "off-beat" or at least more exciting than in the studio?

Thanks for any suggestions
Thats kinda my problem too.....I am also in the middle of nowhere. I imagine we will all end up in the woods somewhere...There are a bunch of water falls in the area maybe we'll end up there...
cant seem to find any local coal mines..Says the last one was closed mid seventies. :?
well, quite frankly, all the mines around here were closed, too. they look as if one day everyone just went home...and didn't come back.
it depends on your location ... there are several "dirty industrial" places to go to in New York ....

i would go to a train staton .... where its kinda dingy ... or a dirty building with graphitti on the wall ... just about anywhere in NYC would do :lol:


i would stay away from the park or anything green and with trees (if your into industrial stuff) ... if u have a "town" .. or a diner would be good

i would take the drive to get the shot :wink:
well, I talked to the models today and among the more interesting words mentioned were mud, fire, water, grit & grime...sounds like we might get some neat textures, rather "earthy" sounding. Does anyone have a suggestion to keep the mud, water, grit and grime out of my camera? Anyone ever use a dry bag or something comparable?

oh wow!!!! ... that sounds like a party :D
i read a post here a few weeks ago about putting a ziplock bag over your camera and cutting a hole for the lens

boy, i bet that mud shot would be quite interesting :D ... are u gonna post them when you're done?
Over the years and various camera models I have made an array of "dry bag esque" contraptions with some success. Its just that I want to have full control over the camera which seems difficult through various layers of plastic. I wish there was something like a lanc on a d60.

Anyway, yeah....If I get any decent shots Ill post some. I would like to try for something for the weekly "water" challenge but I don't think Ill have anything in time for the deadline. Regardless Ill let you know how it goes....

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