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Jul 14, 2003
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in a bubble in Yorkshire, UK

Hello! :)
Shoulda done this first i suppose.. :D
This is me in a normal mood - normal being a very loose term.. ;)

I'm 26, from Leeds and a designer for Thomas Cook.
I like old cars, ska music, getting on with everyone and chilling out. I try and wear as many different hats as i can - they make me happy. :)
I have an obsession with my 1972 campervan and have a rather unhealthy addiction to vodka and red bull, but that just makes me a drunk person, not a bad one... ;)
You'll probably hear a lot from me in the future as the other forum i regularly visit has been blessed with over 5000 posts of randomness from yours truly since feb last year (thats about 9.71 posts per day!!!!)... i have a very fulfilling job ;) :roll: lol
I don't know a lot about photography at the mo, but i'm a quick learner and i'm very willing... so here's to learning, living and catching moments that most people can only dream of seeing.. :)
think hes got me beat, chase?

id hate to add up my post counts around diff boards. the number is frightening.

welcome spankypants!

could u day we discover that we ARE actually just words on a screen and our real lives that we think we have are actually just in some microchip the computers who run the world planted in our fingertips ala total recall


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