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    I know exactly what you mean - for some events I have even offered the kids a free web-sized photo file - without the watermark - for them to use on social media. They can't even be bothered emailing me; they still just do a screenshot with my watermark. They just want the image right away and they don't care about the watermark. I have just come to accept that part of their digital age/phone camera thinking! As I said, when they do it they help remind their world where they got it from. And they can't get a decent resolution image without going through me which is what most of parents are inclined to do)

    Example gallery here with my watermark (Australian Rules Football):
    A Grade Football Round 1 v Keith - Ace Coote Photography

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    I understand that images posted on the internet are not secure. I don't post images that I don't want used by others. If you see one of my images on the internet, help yourself. It means nothing to me.

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