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Dec 14, 2003
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This series started off as a mission for the Dark Side galleries. I knew that sometimes the birds down at the bluffs can get pretty agressive when ya feed them. So..I went armed with a loaf of bread, to see if I could get that Alfred Hitchcock "birds " feel .

I sat myself in the middle of the parking lot on the ground and started to toss bread around. My first customer...


After a few cries...reinforments came in.


Collecting the goods


The drill marshall preparing more soldiers.


Accident in the skies.


Face off...this one actually challenged me for the bread. I missed the pic of him tearing at the plastic bag:er:

Excellent shots Chiller! Love the details - I have a similar shot to the first one but it's SOOOO blurry! Love the DOF in these too!:thumbup:
Whoops. That accident in the sky really is one!
I didn't know that'd happen to them, i.e. that they could become so greedy they'd lose their sense of navigation! I really like that one.
So is Photo 2 going to be prepared for the Dark Side Gallery then?
To me that one looks the most fitting of the series. Cool!
cool series chiller, you gotta laugh at the accident one, birds are usually so graceful! love the sky in the second one too :thumbup:
:lol: Great post and nice photos. Really like the accident shot and the stand off one made me laugh, lol he's all bowed up at you :lol:
love the use of dof, the color and the compositions!
great series and the pov in the 4th rocks :D
thanks for shring these:)
Excellent series! And the captions are really entertaining as well. (That one bird really does look like a drill marshall readying the troops). Those beady red-rimmed eyes, piercing glare and red mouth make these birds every bit as evil-looking as crows are reported to be. I wouldn't-ve "messed" with 'em, for fear of being "bombarded". You're a brave man to have 'looked up' at 'em to take the overhead pics 8)
Thanks so much everyone. I appreciate your comments. I was hoping they would get a little more aggressive, and show some true seagull spirit.\
The in air crash was pretty cool. The one bird even went into a spiral, but corrected before he came crashing down to the pavement.
LaFoto...Im thinking number two was the closest I got to what I was lookin for. I sure wised a crow had of shown up.:lmao:
Neet series... I like the 'Accident'

:hail: love these!

next time use french fries...flyin' rats love those things. all the grease weighs them down which'll give you more time to compose. :)

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