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    Today, my cockatiels went to a new home because I am moving. I had an adoption fee, and the guy who took them (with his 25 years of raptor rescue experience) didn't want to pay money... instead he gave me a case and a little P&S that fits inside it.

    Two things:

    1) What do I need to know to take great underwater photos,

    2) While I understand SLR's, I haven't used P&S's very much as I usually abhor using them. However, The case is rated to 200' or so, and I am wish not to look a gift horse in the mouth. Where can I get a good digital camera that fits the same dimensions as the Sealife Sportdiver 5.6 1/125?

    Anyone who knows and tells will be my hero for life.

    He also gave me a Minolta underwater camera good to 116'. Can't see it's specs.


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    Underwater is mostly blue. Many of those dreamy photos from the tourist brochures will have their colours corrected by means of either some kind of red filtering or post processing.

    Also don't forget to photograph interesting fish. Stone fish are boring compared to clown fish :p

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