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Sep 16, 2005
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Fortepan 400 ran through my Bronica ETRS and developed in Diafine. Not reallly alt process, but the results are sorta Holga-esque. I assume that I unloaded the film in a bit too much light and I think I somehow got some dust or something stuck to the emulsion when it was wet. Reminds me of negatives that I've found laying around at my grandparents' place that were shot n the '20s. Scanned directly from the negatives--no prints made yet.




I was captivated by this farmstead, btw. :lol: Comments welcome.
That first shot is really grainy but sharp as ****.
That first shot is really grainy but sharp as ****.

Thanks, Max. I was wondering if it wasn't sharp enough. But then again, I've got crappy eyes, so I never can tell..
You know, I keep coming back to look at these. They really grab my attention.

I like the first shot but feel there's just a bit to much sky in there. I find that my eye keeps wandering up to the heavens.

The second shot is nice but it doesn't have much of a subject to draw my attention to.

I'm really beginning to like the third shot and it's quickly becoming my favorite. The only thing with that one is the four specs of dust right above the barn.

I'm not a film expert but I'm assuming since you scanned the negatives you can now process the images in Photoshop?

The grain doesn't bother me. I think it adds to the photo.

I think they're worth printing to see how they come out.

Sent you a PM.

It said your photos were ok to edit so I took a shot at the dust particles. It's like 3am here and I'm looking for something to do.

There are almost more negative defects than the clinton's have scandals with these, the only reason to print would be to check the technical side of things, but most of that can be obtained by looking at the negatives. Perhaps it can be addressed with PS, but there is too much to deal with a wet process.

Chalk it up to a learning experience and try again.
would be a good exercise in neg spotting I suppose.
The grain and light defects(?) make these photos kind of haunting. Like one of the image flashes in The Ring. I feel like there is a story behind the photos just waiting to be told!
Heck I like the grainy spotty effect... Isn't that the whole point of using a pinhole camera? It makes the pictures feel REALLY old not saying I would do it to all my pictures but it is kinda cool I would definitely keep a couple of prints from those around my house.

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