United States - Florida - Cassadega/Lake Wales/Bok Tower

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    United States - Florida - Cassadega/Lake Wales/Bok Tower

    Whats there:
    The Bok Tower of Course, this is a bit of an inland surprise for me, but its a loverly little area situated in Central Florida. If you are looking from a peaceful escape from the madness of Disneyland, then this area is choice. Be sure and pick some oranges along the way ;) About an hour or so south is cassadega - a psychic community, whether you believe in that stuff or not its fun to visit.

    Getting There:
    Heres a map of the Bok Gardens area:

    MapQuest of Lake Wales

    Cassadega Directions: http://www.cassadaga.org/directions.htm

    Cassadaga Bench

    This is a nice alternative from the madness of Disneyworld and Daytona beach.


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