Unlimited Call for Ducks

Discussion in 'Landscape & Cityscape' started by SleepingWolf, Aug 20, 2006.

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    No, not duck calls and not ducks unlimited.

    I'm looking to create the world's largest duck soup. No, not a beauty contest to find the ugly ducklings..it's to create an online identification guide for ducks....prompted by Lafoto's thread where we were asked to help identify ducks.

    If you would like to share photos of ducks - identified or not - please help me out by posting your photos here. Same if you would like to help identify ducks.


    guidelines: your own photos, please add in the location, the name of the duck if you have id'd it, the location. Size is not critical but 400 x 254 would be ideal.

    I'll add the genus/species if you can't (yep, I'm a trained biologist but not a real birder)


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