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Dec 14, 2003
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with my pooch.
Two snaps from the weekend while out hiking with my dog Kane.

Kane had his eye on something as he stolled by in this shot.

You two go on lovely walks in a stunning scenery!
Photo 1 makes Kane quite green with all the deeply saturated spring green that you are having right now -- there is a bit too much green in there, even for my liking (and you all know I can stand high doses of spring green! :biggrin: ) ... something must have gone a bit overboard with the saturation there.
I :heart: your dog........... i want one just like Kane..... but cant at the moment......... both of these are cool :thumbup:
I love the first photo. Must be a well behaved dog if you managed to get him to sitt still long enough.

But I agree that the saturation is a bit to strong as it seems to have made your dog green.
Very calm looking powerful pooch. Chiller, I know you do fine A+ work, but the first image seems to have a green tint to it. I might be wrong, but the dogs fur is a bit green looking to me.
The 2nd image looks to have been run threw "neat image" as the fur kind of blends together, up around the ear and toung and neck.
Don't get me wrong both images are awesome tho.
I hate trying to help, so please don't be offended.
Hi Chiller. I like #2 alot, and I NEVER like animal shots. #2 is a great scenery, and you captured it nicely, except from the sat. that the others commented.

I am anyway glad I wasn't there amongs you guys, cause dogs frightens the hell outa me. :lol:
Thanks everyone. YIKES>>>> I just saw this again at work. The first shot is crap. I edited it on another computer, with a bad monitor. Wow... It sure did not look that green. Must fix.
Thanks Kevin. Yeah... I slid it through Neat Image really quick. He was moving by at the time, and there was quite a lot of noise.
I know never to edit on that cheapy monitor again.

Thanks again.
Dog~ and landscape~ and compositionwise the first is NOT crap!
LaFoto said:
Dog~ and landscape~ and compositionwise the first is NOT crap!
Almost fell off my chair when I got to work. I could not believe how green it looked here. :lol: Cant wait to fix it.
Thanks Corrina.
Nice looking dog you have there, Carl. I really like the second pic, and the first one will be great too once the color is tweaked
Thanks Wendy. I did a really quick fix at work. At least it is not as "green". Cant wait to get home and fix it.:banghead:
Chiller, the effect of neat image works well/great with the image of the head shot. I should have explained that, my fault.
I'm loving the doggie portraits! Kane looks sooo happy to be outdoors, and posing for pics. Both are really really nice shots. I just wanna scratch his cute head and feed him a treat.

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