Upcoming UK photo contests?


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Aug 27, 2004
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Hi I've done a bit of googling, but I can't find much on this..

Does anyone know of any online UK photo contests that reward money?

I'm in specific looking for print contests in Northern Ireland (Belfast or as near as) but online UK ones would do just grand too.

Thanks for your time :)
Make sure you read the small print with competitions. I was asked to enter one for a very well known travel magazine and it all looked very good, until you read the T&Cs which, summarised, read: "All submissions are ours forever, all rights belong to us, and we reserve the right to use your image forever without paying or crediting you. All copyright belongs to us"

Essentially, for a prize of SFA at a meaningless award ceremony which you had to PAY to attend, and a mention in their grubby magazine, they were going to build a stock library.

A lot of that goes on - the legit competitions make it very obvious that you retain copyright of your work, but they are "licensed" to display it...


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