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Discussion in 'Nikon Cameras' started by Oasis196, Jan 20, 2018.

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    hi all. About 9 months ago I dusted off my old D60 camera and I have progressively got into photography. I have a telephoto and a 35 mm lens along with my kit lens. I have also ventured into film with a Nikonos IV and a N90s.
    However the D60 is really tough. Grainy above 400 ISO is my biggest frustration.

    I shoot my family - sports, vacations etc. I like shooting some still life and I like experimening with long exposure/ light trails etc.

    I think I need a better body. One that can use my DX lens. The 7200/ 7500 are interesting to me. However, I struggle with a number of other Nikon’s. I don’t plan on trying to go pro...but I do shoot Manual. And I think I have a creative eye.

    The big question .... is a 7200 a good choice? Th D500? Should I focus on a used 7200? What about the battery foot?

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    The D7200/7500 is probably as good for DX as you will get, at a reasonable price.
    Rather than the D500, at that price, I would get a FX body like the D750.

    I shoot high school night and indoor sports with my D7200 at ISO 12800, and they come out acceptably well. Just don't pixel peep. But I recommend getting the 35mm f/1.8 DX lens for shooting in LOW light. FAST glass is much better than pushing the ISO up. You can even use the 35 on your D60, to keep the ISO low.

    But check the specs, I think the D7500 is about 6oz heavier than your D60.
    Are you OK with the weight increase?

    For me, the pivoting screen of the D7500 is a major reason to go with the D7500 over the D7200. The pivoting screen makes it so much easier to shoot low angle shots, vs. laying on my belly on the ground and getting dirty.

    What is this "battery foot" are you referring to?

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