Upgrade from nikon 18-140mm lens

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    You do NOT zoom as you shoot, so forget zooming.

    There is a big difference between "grainy" and "blurry".
    - Grainy is camera/ISO related.
    - Blurry is either camera movement from you, or lens is not in focus.

    What is the ISO, and shutter speed that is recorded for the pix?
    - If the ISO is too high, you get noise.
    - If the shutter speed is too low, you get camera movement/shake.

    What focus option are you using?
    Are you CERTAIN that the selected AF point is on what you want to focus on.

    Do this test:
    • Set the zoom ring, then don't touch it.
    • Set the camera onto a SOLID surface, so you don't move the camera.
    • Take the pix by pressing SLOWLY on the shutter button.


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