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Dec 29, 2007
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T-Town Oklahoma
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I am thinking about upgrading from the Nikon N80 to perhaps an F100 or going classic to the Nikon F3?
Any thoughts?
Can't go wrong with an F3. And the prices of both are about the same on e-bay. I have been eyeballing F100's for the last few days and will probably get one. I would not spend over $400.00 for either one. I do have two F3's, one HP and a regular which both are still my goto cameras when in my mind, have to get the shot I want. I am thinking about the F100 for the weight reduction and retiring my F4s. ( well, semi- retirement ) If, well when I get an F100, I will at least be used to the control layout for when I get an F5, unless I find a killer deal on the F5 before. I have AI glass from other older Nikon's and only two lens' that are AF, and compatible for a F100, so there is something else to think about before upgrading.
The F3 is still my favorite film body. I like it better than the F4/5/6 and any lesser body. You just can't go wrong with the F3. I do prefer mine most of the time with it's MD-4 motor drive attached, just gives me more to hold onto.

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