UPS and Ferrari


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Oct 28, 2004
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Oh cool, what a combination! Where you leaning out of the back window with your "weapon" aimed to get this? And is there another one lurking behind that UPS car?
Neat pic! What a contrast, huh? It actually reminds me of those NASCAR commercials where they have Dale Jarrett racing the UPS truck against the regular stock cars ;)
it wasnt a street, but a parking lot... friends of mine
Friends of YOURS drive a Ferrari?
Can I get to know you better?????? :wink:
So this is set up?
Very nicely done. I really like this.
haha yes friend of mine.. not a set up, we were all meeting somewhere , and this just him pulling in..
Was there another ferrari behind the UPS truck, or have you modified some images to get this one? there is a red ferrari shaped wing mirror visible behind the UPS van.
great shot, contrast is really cool....

I'm a bit confused by all the guys saying they would love to have friends driving a ferrari....:hertz:....what for ???
I also know people driving cars in at least the same category as ferrari, and there is nothing better about these people than on these without that money :lol: ----> :taped sh:

Sorry for OFF-TOPIC just couldn't keep that for me....

@tekzero: but i really love your pics of the challenge stradale ;)

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