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Upwork for photographers. Not great. Advice on website for paid work Photoshoppers/Photographers?


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Sep 19, 2018
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Has anyone used upwork.com? I have. Been there for a month. I read through the license agreement and understood the profit system of the site. Don't know how it works? They give you free tokens to bid on "projects" listed under your chosen category. But they run out fast. So there is an option to "buy" tokens. They call them connects. Something like 15 dollars and up. Also when you bid on a project you have the option to spend more tokens which the "client" see's when checking out your profile and cover letter. No problem I thought. I have 24 years of Photoshop experience. A month later and nothing. No paid work at all. Very frustrating. I bid on 5 projects. So I opened up a thread on their forums. I posted this image. [ I volunteered my time to do a free edit. I removed the father with the clone tool and presented it on Facebook. Last time I checked I had nearly 800 likes (17 hours after uploading edited picture).] Upwork moderator deleted my thread....


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I really hope someone will be able to answer you. I can't bring myself to do it... 😬
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Solid grift. Paying for the promise of work? Seriously?
Solid grift. Paying for the promise of work? Seriously?
Yes and get this. They require from the users bidding on work, street address, phone, full real name, SIN number *tax purposes*. But what really griefs me is that they won't transfer to me $$ until I've accumulated $100.00.

They also have their own payment system which I thought was cool. You give bank details and they send you the money, like paypal. But just like paypal they take money off for themselves.
I haven't tried Upwork personally, but I know from experience that Reddit is pretty welcoming for photographers or editors wanting to do commissioned work. Check out PhotoshopRequest or Restoration subreddits, especially if you're familiar with Photoglory or photo colorization well.
The words ripped and off come to mind

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