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May 26, 2006
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Bristol, England
Hi, I'm new here. Couldn't see an introduction forum so I'll quickly introduce myself here. I'm 17, From Bristol, England. Fairly new to photography, I don't have much experience with the techincal side of cameras.

Here to get some feedback on my own photos, aswell as look and comment on all of yours. :wink:

Here's some of mine that I took a while back. These were pretty much the first photos I ever took. Looking for honest and constructive criticism.

These were taken back when I used to do graffiti, so that is what the subject is doing in the first picture.






The effects on the first two, and last one might not be to everyone's liking. I prefer the black and white ones personally, only thing I changed was to greyscale & did some stuff with the lighting so the light areas look a bit more intensive.

I personally love the perspective in the last photo. Maybe I'll dig the original out and see how it looks in b&w or maybe just left alone entirely.

And, err what does 'comp' mean exactly? (bit of a noob <.<):blushing:

*guesses* composure?
The processing is a bit too much for my taste, I would really like to see 1,2 and 4 with a similar processing as number 3... very interesting shots!
the images are fine to me IMO. you'll notice that people just are not open to all kinds of photo work.
After 20 or so years in the major motion picture industry, those are the people I tend to stay away from. To each his own.
Awesome work.
Thanks for the input :)

Here's the originals.

Now I don't have any editing software right now. However if any of you would like to show me what effects you think would work well with the images then please feel free to mess around with them, I'd be interested to see what some of you could come up with.

Links below.


Not sure why no1 is smaller than the others, :er:. Oh well.
For no.3 I had I was standing on top of some railway traffic lights (they have ladders for maintenance)

It's a disused railway before anyone asks :).

No one has had a go at editing my pics yet though? :meh:

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