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Jun 8, 2003
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I was coming home from the grocery store and stumbled across these guys eating.

Too many people driving around though, they got spooked and started to run off. I usually dont see three together unless it is a Cow and her Calfs.
The top one looks like a dispute over who gets the parking bay, and the second shot....Hmmm who knows maybe the cops up your way have found a new way of hiding speed and red light cameras. :lol:

People think we aussies have Kangaroos etc hopping down our main streets, at least we don't have those big buggers stepping out in front of our cars!!!!

Cool candid shots
It is mating season for moose right now. I thought I was going to see some head butting over the female but it did not come to pass. Seeing moose is not uncommon for Anchorage or even Alaska though. Far too many get hit though.
Great timing! Here in MT I've been able to take countless shots of deer in town, but never a moose, much less three!

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