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Dec 13, 2005
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Did this photoshoot with a friend at his request the other day. I took 300 photos, and ended up giving him a lot of the nice portraits like the first photograph here. However, I prefer the more "artsy" (if you will...) captures so I guess that's what I'm choosing to share here. These are probably my favorites out of 300. They're less close up, I guess. Oh, and i know 3 is on the darker side. Personally, I like it but i understand some people might prefer that shot lighter.

What do you think?





I think it's a great, casual series :D
It's a toss-up between 3 and 4?
And actually, #1 is my least fav ;)
I like the first one best. In the rest, the focus seems to be elsewhere. I love the black and white. I'm sure your friend was thrilled with these!
Actually, I like the second one... quite a bit. But it does need some work. As Cindy pointed out, it's just not sharp enough. I would tone down the very light portions of the background (the door and frame).

Try running the unsharp mask a couple of times. You may be able to salvage the image. I played with it a bit and I think it could work.

Good luck!

I like #2 the best also. And then #3. I agree with Cindy about the focus though. It'd be interesting to see some of your more up close shots too.

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