Urban shoot with kids.... so much fun!


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Dec 13, 2005
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Few details.... these were done downtown in a coastal small city (Mystic CT) and I was shooting wide open for most of the shoot since I haven't in forever... I usually shoot at 2.8- I was going for 2.2 and 1.8 for these. We purposefully pimped out the kids to look like models :) Most of the clothes are from gap I think- I know the boys hat is.

Thanks for looking! :) CC welcome if you've got it.






The last one doesn't work too well comparing to the others.

But very nice series. Did you overexposed their skin tones on purpose by exposing for their clothings? Or you lightened it up on photoshop?
I like the high key skin, it makes them look like "angels". Is the skin blown out though? no.
Erin, I'm just curious what lab you use for your prints? Your work is beautiful and I love what you capture, but I have felt from this and previous posts that your images are quite a bit overexposed. I don't mean this as a criticism. Overexposure is a very popular "look" right now, and you do it very well. I tend to underexpose the same way, because I like that look. But my lab will not print an overexposed image without "correcting" it first, which means that the background can go too dark. How do you get your lab to print "as is" without lectures on overexposure?

Beautiful composition on all of these, BTW!
WOW! These are awesome! Great DOF, color, and clarity. Did you shoot these with your 85mm 1.8? I need to get me one of those...
Yes I used my 85mm 1.8. Thanks for the comments everyone! :)

I very rarely have blow outs. I think I might have a blow out on her hat in one of these but I always check my histogram and while I purposefully overexpose in photoshop, I never let it get BLOWN (lose all detail), so they print just fine for me. I print with www.colorinc.com. They never correct my images or say ANYTHING.
Love, love, LOVE the bright blueness of the eyes! Very crisp and clean-looking... I like them!
gorgeous work yet again erin... #4 is my fave this time... love those blue eyes and all of the clothes are a hoot. x
I can't tell you my favorite because I LOVE them all!!!!!!!! Amazing job!!! I am a huge fan of your work!!!!
wow, you've captured some really amazing pics, i really like, i think the last one is the worst of the lot, it doesnt have that same feeling the others do, there doesnt seem to be the emotion there thats in the first few.

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