URGENT: Night Shots - fire & movement


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Sep 26, 2005
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Laurel, Mississippi USA
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I need some serious help here. Tomorrow night I am shooting a Boy Scout Order of the Arrow ceremony. (Native American costumes, dancing, etc.) The main event is where the O.A. chief (my little bro..yeah!) will row a newly dedicated, hand-carved canoe across the lake....likely with torches on the canoe. This is the hard part. HOW THE HECK do I shoot at night, with movement, and FIRE! Also - they will probably dance later (full outfits, drummers, etc.) and I would like to shoot that too. I am very excited about this but I know very little about nighttime shooting. PLEASE give me some suggestions...

Here is my equipment:
Canon 5d
24-70 2.8 L
50 mm 1.8
580 EX Flash
I have studio lights (AB 800's) but I would prefer not to use them. I also have a 5 sided reflector.


b:confused: :(
OA events are fun =)
Well since I doubt a flash would be very effective on a canoe out in the lake your best shot might be a VERY slow panning shot using a leveled tripod. (that and cranking your iso to max).
During the dances you might be able to get away with a flash (if they don't mind obviously) otherwise you again will have to crank the iso up and do your best.
Sounds a little tricky,

my slightly amateurish advice would be to spot meter from an area close to the torches but not actually on the torches , this will probably mean the middle burns out but you retain some detail in the edges and the rest of the picture.

Thanks... I've heard that the 5d does well at 1600 so we will see! I will try that panning idea! I doubt they will mind the flash since they (BSA) asked me to come shoot it.

I have an event shortly as well involving fire spinners (they play with torches) and nightime at a wedding that I am attempting to figure out.

Will prolly go shutter priority and use my 50mm lens for biggest aperture and bump up the ISO. Might try some things for practice before then.

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