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Jul 14, 2005
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In a black hole
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The only thing this place was missing was a couple of head stones in the yard.

Wow, this is just an amazing image. It reminds me of something I read in a Stephen King/Peter Straub novel named Black House. Creepy stuff! I love the contrast in this image.
nice one... looks really haunted.. i wonder what's inside of it..
This is just stunning, love the tones in the house and the tree, really makes the image. Great processing woody :thumbup:
Oh man, that is a sweet sweet shot. Love the tones. I always look forward to your shots, and they never disappoint.
Thanks everyone.
This house was in the town of Keeler, CA. This place was spooky...in the daytime! I'm not one to get spooked. It's usually the opposite, I scare people. But I might intimidated to walk around this place at night.
They could film any horror movie in this town without changing anything. Including some of the residents. The new movie 'The Hills Have Eyes'....right here!
But you better believe I'll be going back :twisted:

Oh...yes duncan...I never shoot outside without a polarizer!
Excellent shot! Love the tones... it would be interesting to get inside!
wood sac..your talent is only exceeded by your imagination.....!

very very cool shot.... would love to prowl around there with you...

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