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Jun 1, 2003
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Hey guys, another post, another cry for help.

Just wondering, is it possible to use Fuji Velvia under tungsten light? Or is it only a daylight film really? If this is so, is indoor use, with good light, possible through the use of filters, or is there another way round it?

Any advice would, as always, be gratefully received!

Cheers, Mac
Hello Mac

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Yes, Velvia 50 is a daylight balanced film but one may use it under tungsten

Just be prepared for a warm or reddish/orange result - which can produce a nice affect under certain situations

For example, shooting exteriors of homes near dusk with the internal lights on: gives a warm inviting look (often used in advertising brochures)

However, if you wish to "balance" the light using filters, here's an easy reckoner:

500 watt = 80B
100 watt (and less) = 80A

No, i didn't have those figures in my head; simple charts are available

Note: with a filter, if you are incorporating camera flash in the shot, place a warming gel (or cellophane) over the flash head - otherwise your flash will render as blue (as will any window light)

Hope that helps



EDIT: (...ooops, correct the numbers)

hey! - i just cracked the ton :shock:
To follow what e_ said...I read that the Velvia is coming out in a 100 speed.

Apparently, its new MCCL technology "incorporates a color correction layer that mimics the response of the human eye to adjust reproduction of green hues. Another color correction layer works to assure more faithful reproduction of reds, while yet another for blue assists in capturing the subtle and complex colors of the natural world."

Check out this link

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