Verious Nature shots

Welcome to the forum.

Here is a tip...if you want comments on your photos, it helps if you actually display them in the forum. Unfortunately, I don't think you can do that from Flickr. A lot of us use

If you want critique, post your images one at a time in the critique section...and add an explanation & details of the shot.

Looks like you have some good stuff, we look forward to seeing more.
Welcome to the forum. From the few pictures I did look at, they look wonderful with their narrow depth of field :).
As Big Mike said though, it works better to link it, but I do believe flickr does work. (Well, most of the time)

Hope you enjoy TPF!
Hallo Sueen, and welcome to ThePhotoForum.
Instead of clicking on each link, I went through the slideshow of your 34 pics and must say, hey, you know what you are doing! Very beautiful. The fuchsia close-ups are as fascinating as the bird photos, inside and out, wow, how close you came not only to the budgies, also to the sparrows and others, that is so cool.

And I think you even have one quince tree flower among your many flower pics, is that so?

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