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Aug 7, 2010
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Hello all I am very new to this hobby and this site. I cant wait to learn how to take amazing photos! I am going to be getting a dslr camera soon and cant wait to start shooting. Any friendly words of advice or suggestions as to what cameras are good and what to avoid. my starting budget is going to only be a modest $500 or under. I will want to take macro photos of my saltwater corals and my fish. Any pearls of wisdom would be great!! :mrgreen: Also as of now my only digital camera is a nikon coolpix 5200 and my cellphone.
First, welcome to TPF.

There are a myriad of posts on here regarding "what should my first camera be", "what camera should I buy", and "noob looking for first SLR".
Do a search using some of those keywords, and you will have a solid month's worth of reading. It will eventually, however, come down to your own personal preferences.

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