Very Nice Canon AE-1 Program Camera Kit

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    I really don't want to "Sell" this camera and all it's lenses, but would like to trade it for an equivalent medium format camera preferably an SLR or TLR Unit...

    Camera comes with all the following lenses and Accessories:

    Camera Serial #2136375

    Canon 50mm 1:1.8 Lens w/rubber lens hood and UV filter Ser. #4243323

    Vivitar 80-200mm 1:4.5 Macro Focusing Zoom Lens with UV filter Ser. #77224894

    Albinar ADG 28mm 1:2.8 Macro Ser.#84206847

    CPC 2X Tele-Converter MC-4 C/FD

    SUNPAC Flash Auto 433 D Thyristor Flash (For Canon) Ser.#73002403

    Canon Power Winder A2 Ser.# 343366

    Dark Blue Compartmented CDC Camera Bag in excellent condition.

    Bag will hold everything and will be packed with everything inside and boxed and protected for shipping...

    Camera, Accessories, and Lenses are in Excellent to Like New Condition.

    My reasons for wanting to trade is that I have 5 other working order 35mm film cameras with lenses and winders, etc. and really don't need this one. I would much rather have a medium format camera with a hooded larger composing view screen for my tired old eyes... I have to work hard enough as it is to insure focus and as I said before, would rather trade this to someone who might use it or someone who needs a 35mm format camera and might just have a medium format camera lying around collecting dust.

    If anyone desires photos of the complete kit, please let me know and I will photograph it all and post them here.

    You may contact me at 503 981 0927 to work out details on shipping and insurance.

    Or, you may email me at the following addy:

    I hope that this meets the guidelines of the community!

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