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Jun 13, 2003
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Hello, I have a D60 and am need of a lens with a VERY shallow focus depth. I want to be able to get within an inch or less of the subject. Can anyone recommend a decent lens?

Thanks :)
You're going to have to invest in either some close up lenses (fit front of lens like a filter), a reversing ring (mounts your lens backwards on your camera), a reverse macro ring (connects two lenses together at the filter end), a set of extension tubes, or a bellows system.

The reverse rings will be the least expensive. The reverse macro ring lets you meter through the lens, with the reverse ring you'll have to compute the exposure.

Close up lenses may be the easiest solution, just mount like a filter and shoot. You can stack them (to a point), not sure what the minimum focus distance would be though.

Extension tubes or a bellows will get you right up there, though they are more expensive, especially the bellows.

Some of the dedicated macro lenses may focus that closely, but I've never used one so I really can't say.


Thanks for the reply, but I was wondering about a specific lens that you might have used.. I dont mind the cost and would prefer some higher end stuff....I had a camera before that had a fixed lens but you could get to within a half inch of the subject. Now that I have a somewhat decent cam I would like to be able to have a decent lens that can do comperable things. :)

Thanks for any direction...
What type of camera are you using? I guess that realy dosen't matter. A good macro will get you very close. 1 to 2 I think. I shoot closer than that and I use a 100mm macro with front end diopters to allow closer focus. More than this is possible, but I would suggest a 200mm mounted on auto bellows. This will do what ever it is your after.

Canon has a 50mm 2.5 macro lens. Whether or not you can get to within an inch, I'm not sure. Nice sharp lens, though.
almost what Im looking for....the min focus on that is 9.6 and max mag is 2x....I wanted to get a little bit closer......thanks for the reply though. As far a a bellows I have never used that and dont know where to begin looking for that....what should I do a search for? "bellows" doesnt seem to productive..

Wow....this is a whole new thing. Belows look neat, I am suprised that things that look as they do are still in use. I will be looking for reading material I suppose to aid in purchase decision making. Thanks again for the tip.....

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