Very small spec of dust inside lens


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Feb 18, 2012
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How would I get this cleaned? Do I send it away or and if so how much will it cost as its only a Very small spec of dust inside lens. Doesn't show in images, what I can see so far?
It is NOT a problem. It is the normal state of affairs. Soon, the lens will have dozens of specks. Then hundreds. And the image quality will be the same as when the lens was brand new, right of the assembly line. Seriously. I have a couple lenses that were used inside of wheat combines in the 1980's...they are filled with small dust specks, and they still create beautiful,sharp images.
Nothing to worry about. Dust is everywhere. You remove this one two more
will take it's place.
I'm glad I found this thread. I spotted a speck of dust in my new lens (1month old) that cost me over $1k. I was thinking it would have to be sent out for repairs. The above article was interesting. It's awesome to see a lens even when shattered can still take pictures.

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