Vibrant Color Photo--photshop, filter or?


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Jul 9, 2013
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I fell in love with the images from Instagram

If you click such as buildings, water and city, so beautiful and very vibrant , i love the colors such as pink, and blue. I want to make same like that. Its even more gorgeous if you click from mobile phones--so beautiful
can it be used via photoshop, or from camera filters or? I use just regular camers, but with the images from the link i typed, i love all. im looking for something that can be colorrful, vibrant and bright, like the images under Instagram. Just exactly the same.

any tutuorials, or instructins or software programs would be helpful, i could use help as i'll be going on trip. I want to use something vibrant and colorful like images from Instagram

I know i repeated the links 3 times but i love them all, its like gems!!!!

i look forward to hear the tips from you! Help me with this! Thank you all!
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After hits on GaryPepperGirl Instagram link? I know I won't click on it! ;)

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