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Apr 17, 2006
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queensland, australia
Hi all, Have set myself a little challenge and hit up my girlfriends to do a little favour for me... to get into their wedding gear and let me practice shooting a 'bride'.. okay, probably a bit corny but practice none-the-less:lol: So had my first victim on wed. Ran out of natural light (bumma!) so had to resort to the flash for some (bumma!) but that's probably gonna happen - must learn good flash photog techniques!! Some are not as sharp as i like but hopefully the 50mm1.8 lens that i'm hoping to buy soon will help with that! I was pretty happy with the results but im the 1st to admit i still have loads to learn... Comments/critique/advice is appreciated greatly. All my pics OTE xx Thanks for looking:heart:











I really like 1,2, 4, 6, 10. I enjoy the framing and sense of space of the first two. My least favorite is #7. The pose reminds me of someone looking in the mirror asking "is my butt too big?"... I'm not sure why i think that, maybe its the placing of the hands? I like the overall idea of the pose, maybe it would help to play around with the degree of standing with her back toward the camera. Not sure if that made sense... but good work with the other ones. :)
First of all let me tell you how much I like your idea of practising, practising and practising more!
Then how lucky you are to have friends who are willing to model for you as bride so you CAN practise, practise and practise more!
Here's to the "bride"!!!

And then I must say that not only you have managed to get so many very varying photos out of your session which shows your creativity and dedication, but also your model-friend has played along with all your ideas ever so nicely.

End result is an impressive series of wedding portraits.
I see where you ran into light problems, but nevertheless I like your grainy/noisy Photo 2 best of all!
These are really...really good! I especially love the b&w's. I do however have one thing that I wanted to bring to your attention so that you can think it over before you do "the real thing". In a lot of these shots I noticed that the "bride" is on the ground. I don't know of too many brides that are going to want to get down on the ground in their brand new all white wedding dresses! If you're doing bridal portraits before the wedding they are going to have to get the dress cleaned and all that, and I'm sure the real bride to be would have problems with that. Just something to think about....but I do think that these photos are absolutely lovely!
number 5, 10 and 11 are my fav's. esp 5! simple yet beautiful :)

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