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Feb 8, 2021
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Since I have Canon 5dmkii and mkiii, what is the settings for RAW when using the video recording?

Is it IPB or ALL-I?
Neither is raw. The frames are drawn differently. The I frame means that all the information is in every frame. The B P frames are drawn with partial data that changed from the I frame. So say first frame is an I frame and the next 3 or 4 frames the only thing that changed was the subject moved then only the movement is drawn where the original background I frame is the same.

I use IPB with my Canon 5d mark iii and the quality is very good.
So how do I get RAW footage? I don't want to use Magic Lantern, as I almost bricked one my cameras doing it
So how do I get RAW footage?

Magic Lantern is the only option that I am aware.

You can still edit footage from the mark ii and mark iii in post. Since video has a flat look I add a little contrast and saturation. I've had good luck with correcting the white balance. There was a discussion of shoot raw, log video recently on this forum. Here

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