[Video] How to use a shutterless lens


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Aug 24, 2016
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I picked up a shutterless Konica Hexanon 150mm lens on eBay. I glued it to a spare 4x5 lens board to mount it on my 8x10. The lens is so tiny it looks weird on the camera.

The lens is uncoated and hazy/fogged up which makes for a very dreamy and "flare-y" atmosphere over an overall very sharp image.

If you want to see how to use a shutterless lens and an example of the results see the video/vlog trip below:

It was unexpectedly very fun to play with this beat up lens.

It is a very simple lens so I will open it up and try to clean the haze. Perhaps I will make a follow up video with a test of solvents and procedure to clean up the lens, if it survives!!! Starting from mild solvents going to more and more aggressive ones. I am a chemist so I have access to all sorts of stuff to try and get this lens to its original state.

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