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Feb 2, 2005
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location, location
as most of you know, i am usually on the darkside gallery, or off topics..
i rarely post here, 'cause truth be told, not really up to par...

but i liked these, and wanted to share...:hugs:

i was gonna ask jonmikal why he didnt tell us the capitol was being "fixed".. our state capitol, Little Rock Arkansas, is build just like the nations capitol... just some movie, they used ours to blow up the nations capitol..

then a friend of mine saw this pic and said, you should tell them we even put "bob-war" around our capitol... keeps the goats from jumping out..!!
(actually, they are cleaning it....)

this is bill clintons first capitol ....:heart: oh, and i know the horizon is real life its not...but i think i look at things like a dog, and tilt my i will work on it..sorry...


this is the vietnam vet memorial at our capitol...

this guy looked so real, i couldnt quit looking at him, and all his detail...
i ask forgivness for not really doing him justice...
but i imagine vietnam vets never have really gotten justice...




thanks for your comments....
aprilraven posts?!!!! wooohooot! :hugs:
love the way you exposed #2...
the pov in the last is super awesome!
nice bunch of shots AR! post more :D
hey ravenbird, these are real cool..... the second is a beauty... caught the light well in that one, the last has a great pov too. you should post here more often raven, its not so bad is it..... you can scurry off to the darkside gallery real fast from here...... its painless. (or maybe painful's best for you, huh?!)
Love the last one AR...the light in #2 rocks and the detail in the third is ...more!!! :D great stuff!

edit: yer really ygettin the gears now! ;)
ya'll are high....what are you schmoking???

thanks for your warm thoughts, i appreciate it...(my i am blushing, here..)

angel, yes its hard to stay from the darkside.. i cant breathe now as it is, and its awfully light here...but i gotta run back... thanks again, ya'll...
aw yes please post here more often... we dont want the darksiders to have all of you ;)
Niiiiiiice series, Aprilraven! Like 'em all, but the last one really "rocks" a lot, not a "little". Ya gotta post more!
i swear mansi, i really think you need to let me adopt you... your too sweet.

anti- girl, i figured you of all people would have made fun of the bob wire around the capitol..( i thought that was funny...!!)

thanks again for looking..and commenting..!!
See ... they tell people they're cleaning the dome, but in reality, since we started a special session yesterday, they've wrapped the Capital in bobwar to keep the legislators IN!

Nice shots, girlie ... hooah! :heart:
Nice shots Aprilraven... you've got to post more of your work. I like all of them, even the tilt ;) . That last one is sooo cool! Really like the POV!
aprilraven said:
anti- girl, i figured you of all people would have made fun of the bob wire around the capitol..( i thought that was funny...!!)

Me, make fun of your, ummm, speech impediment? No way, eh?

("So, do people come from a-far to see the building, or do they make sure the flames are doused first?" )
:cokespit: got me..

anti- your killing me today, your on a roll....( just call you butter..)

and in answer to your question, its only the wisemen... three wise men from a fire....

thanks calliopallie... after looking at them a bit more, i wish i would have a filter to make the deep blue sky effect... but my camera doesnt allow attachments...( its a religious thing...)

thanks pallie....yours are need to post them....:thumbup:
Excellent shots Aprilraven - the 2nd and the last one are my favs - LOVE your work! :)
hey knot head.... good to read you...:)

lovin that avatar.... bet your sweet talented mother took that photo...right?? :thumbup:

dang you are one lucky guy to have a mother that can take a pic of you and make you look good.... sheeze dude, thank God every night for your mother...( did i mention 18 hrs of labor???? heartburn for months?? cant pay that back, dude... but you can try..... ;) )

miss ya, baby..:heart:

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