Viewing Slides without a Projector?!

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Mar 22, 2006
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Hey y'all,

Got a puzzle for y'all! :er:

Got a client who wants me to digitaly transfer her slides, but she first wants to chose which ones to do. She wants to know if there is a easy way for her to view them before she transfers them. A pair of rubber gloves and a flashlight maybe?

Thanx a zillion for the assist.

-P/V Editor
Welcome to the forum.

You can buy a battery powered, hand held slide viewer for $20.

A better idea would be a light table (or maybe a window) and a loupe.
This is great! :D
Found one on e-bay for $14.99!!!
Hanimex good brand?

-P/V Editor
There ya go then... that'll work just fine.

I agree with Mike - a light table would be best for this type of thing tho'... She can look at all of them at once - makes it easier to decide.. but you certainly won't find one for that price!

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