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Iron Flatline

Hi Everyone.

I'm having trouble with this shot:


The subject is too hot due to too much flash. In this case, I actually liked the way it separated him from the background, and I wanted to show how he was using his Viewmaster in near darkness. I burned out the background in PS (as well as adjusted the hue [-4] and added a little saturation [+5]) but I think it could be better.

Any advice?

It's a digital image captured in raw, so all data is available to be worked on.
I would crop the left side....to get rid of the empty space behind him and especially because of that light that is there.
All the elements are there. I love the Viewmaster and the dark background. Even the specks of light on the left. Not sure why you shot the back of the subject's head. I think the front would have been much more interesting.
It's one of about 200 images captured on Xmas afternoon. For some reason I couldn't get my 2 year old boy to sit still while receiving new presents, not sure why.... ;)

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