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Feb 16, 2009
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This looks like a pretty active forum. Good, cause I posted my first message yesterday asking for information about an older version of the Better Beamer flash projection device. I started with a box camera that used 120 sized b/w film, then a little Argus 620. My first 35mm camera, a point-and-shoot version, lacked a meter and I had to estimate light conditions. The Army allowed access to 4x5 Speed Grafic cameras with cut film, film packs, Polaroid versions of film packs and a dark room to learn that part of the process. I bought a Bessler Topcon SLR in the 70's and added a bellows, macro lens, and other accessories over a 10-yr period. This equipment was useful in doing closeups of small things for technical articles about crime scenes. About this time was when I discovered that flash projection device, and also played around with IR film (b/w and color, too). In the 80's I had a chance to do a little work with photos made using light intensification devices. I converted to digital about 6 yrs back with a tiny camera and worked up thru a couple Kodaks to a Panasonic point-and-shoot, 10x, 7.5 MB and have several thousand photos of the area around our country home on the James River. Found that damaged Kodaks often only needed to have internal plugs opened and closed to be repaired. Presently trying out this approach to fix my son's faulty Canon Powershot 3MP camera. Wish the point-and-shoots had rangefinders and did not allow dust to get inside the lens.
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