VR issues on used 70-300


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Dec 10, 2013
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Montana USA
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I bought a 70-300 lens from a photographer via Facebook. I've never used one of these lenses but it seems like the VR only works intermittently. I have used other VR lenses of course with no issue but now I have to go back and check to be sure it's not the body doing this to other lenses as well. After experimenting a bit, I think VR may be ok initially, then if I switch VR off and back on, it doesn't work until I turn the camera off, loosen the lens from the body (just press the button to unlock the lens and only slightly rotate it then re-lock it without ever fully removing the lens from the body) and power back on.

Does this sound like a common thing with this lens, maybe the body or have my lens (or brains) checked out?
I use this lens extensively and never found an issue with vr. You should be able to turn it on and off continually without any problems.
But it only is active when shutter is halfway pressed.
I confirmed there is an issue and have sent it back to Nikon for service. Thanks!

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