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Apr 8, 2007
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Norfolk, VA.
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(I have serious problems posting pics here so I'm going to try it 3 ways. Please let me know which one works.)

This photo was taken while she was waiting to go out on stage for a concert performance. I have intentionally blown out the exposer have added some "personal style" to the image. What do you think?

(okay... image link to blog didn't work!)

(Copy image link worked for me):

The link itself: http://bp3.blogger.com/_d1syVVILleA...1600-h/CAF07+Live-Production-389+web+copy.jpg

(Image link form pforum worked for me)

Image attachment from pforum:

$CAF07 Live-Production-389 web copy.jpg
I know it's overkill but I really need to know what works. And I'd appreciate the comments.
I can see all but the first copy of image link. All the others show up for me. :)

This is a gorgeous portrait, but I think the eyes are too dark. Did you burn them a bit? Love the DOF!!
All 3 worked for me, the text link, the inserted image and the thumbnail. I've been wondering if the previous problem has been due the use of spaces or illegal characters in your file names. Keep it simple.

Precious shot BTW, nice post work too!

Thanks... no, I did not burn the eyes. Actually, I did 4 simple things. I converted to B&W, overexposed by 1 stop, added a G-blur (then erased the blur from the face (thanks for the dof props - it was in post) and vignyetted it.
I don't like the pitch black eyes, but I love the feel of the picture.
So... the consensus of the group is to fix the eyes. I think what draws me into them is the eyelashes which are crystal clear. I like the almost sad expression and the chapped lips are what makes this photo unique to me.

But I do value your opinions and you are definitely helping be become a better photographer. I'll see what I can do on the eyes because it probably would make a better shot.

I'm glad you all like it.
Wonderful picture and great Post processing. I don't mind the eyes at all. If you could bring some detail back while leaving them kind of dark it might be better.
I thought you'd might want to see the original. Her eyes are a bit dark there too. I haven't had a chance to play with the B&W yet.



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Ah, I can see now why it translated so black! Since you say it's ok to edit your photos I'd be interested to see if anyone else can get those lashes more distinct from the eyes.
by the way... haven't you see some photos that scream, "black and white"?

this is one of mine.

<just an aside>
Great capture!! Nice emotional shot.

I converted it added some blur and grain.


This is why you are making me a better photog. I never thought of adding grain to this pic. Wild... I did fix the eyes. Better?


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