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Aug 8, 2003
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Ok, it said the deadline for the macros contest was Aug 7th. I just found this place yesterday, so I missed it...but what's the next one??? :)

There will probably be a delay for a day or two to get the submissions posted and voting started.

We'll be announcing the next challenge in the next day or two.

Sorry for the delay!
you know what they say about the early bird right?

he has to go to sleep earlier at night.

That's 2 contests in a row I've missed out on. I never got anything good for the water challenge and just didn't get out for the macro challenge. Things should be calming down soon, so hopefully I can participate in the next one.
chaseman24 said:
Hmm, do the people that run that place have jobs in real life?! hehe :)

If my moderators weren't so lazy we could probably do more here :twisted: lol


The people who run it have automated it for the most part (except for the list of topics) and it's all done in php, so it's pretty slick. The people who shoot for two challenges (and sometimes 3) a week -THEY may have no lives!


(Note - I may be one of them. I have 23 posts in two days on this bbs!)

Hi Mav and moderators :)

I think the two weeks is a good amount of time. I, like Mav, also do the DPChallenge ones and it is so hard to get photos in in time for them as some of the topics are really tricky and it takes me a few days just to think of what i want to use as a subject let alone break out the camera and actually photograph something! I also do the comps in aus-photographers.net which is a monthly one and it is (i feel) too long.

P.S. Mav, let us know when and what you submit on DPC and i'll stuff a 10 in your ballot box as i think everyone needs to get their scores boosted to compensate for the "1" voters :D
chaseman24 said:
I think I may switch to a monthly format...2 weeks just seems to go by too fast!

Personally, I think this idea. Sure all you digital folks can easily take a pic and get it uploaded in that quick time, but for those of us who like real photography (kidding! :D) it takes a bit more time to take the pics, develop the pics, print the pics, go to Kinko's to scan the pics... all squeezed in with working 40 hours a week, sleeping, and spending time with loved one, as well as standard household chores... you get my drift... I had pretty much resolved myself to the fact that I will never be able to contribute, but it sure would be nice...
@oriecat. Ditch kinkos and get yourself a cheap flatbed scanner. Even a $20 scanner would be fine for web images.

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