Wall of Water


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Aug 28, 2004
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This is a shot of my son at the beach back when I still thought centering a subject was the "proper" way to go. This was a cool shot because of the way the sand sunk so low towards the surf and it looked like he was back dropped against a huge wall of ocean. I scanned this from a negative on a cheap film scanner (PrimeFilm 1800). The scan just didn't do it justice. You can see red tinges in the surf which in reality was stark white. I tried to adjust the color the best that I could.


Canon Rebel 2000 Fuji 100
Yes I do... ...oh yes I do! As a matter o' fact, we're heading down to that very spot in just a few weeks, during the week of July 4th. I'm chomping at the bit just thinking about it....... I hope to come back with some nice pics to post here. I just got a digital, Canon PowerShot A620 point n shoot. Basically my first real digital cam. I really wanted the the Rebel XT or even the D20, but you know... I can't afort to take out a second mortgage right now! Can't wait to put the PowerShot through it's paces.

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