Wanna try this one?


Noise ninja auto profile
Alienskin Exposure 2 >sharpen moderate radius 25%
>Ektachrome EES Subdued (no grain)

I wish i had your skills.
Any software you recomend for editing?..
The only edit program i have is the Photofilter.
Here is my shot at it


All I did was to crop it differently, boost the saturation of the flower a little, added a border and then blurred the border in to the picture a little so it would make it seem even more that the flower was popping out at you
Personally, I use Photoshop CS3. It can get a tad expensive though...so think of that.
Lots of people get it through more questionable means, or buy it in far off lands for 10 dollars from street vendors...so it can get cheaper...ahaha

I like using Noise Ninja plugin for CS3, because ISO noise is very distracting to me...and it allows me to up a stop or two of ISO without worrying about noise.

Also, Alienskin Exposure 2 is now one of my favourite tools ever. Ever since we came up with digital, we've been wishing our prints came out with the same colour and contrast and feeling as film. Well, this plugin for CS3 lets you emulate old print and slide fims with one click...quite awesome.


If you can't obtain a copy of CS3, The Gimp is a free alternative (open source I think). It's up for download almost everywhere. It's a little less intuitive...but that's what you get for free.
The GIMP is not a bad place to start for free.
Great work guys:thumbup:
I will check the softwares out!...thanks

Not easy (in parts impossible) to work against the overexposure. I threw the lasso around various parts (well feathered for some soft transitions into the masked areas, at 70px, or 30 px, depending on the size of the area I thus selected), and worked with the levels.

You see that I also cropped the image a bit.

And I used the USM at 80-50-60, I think (amount-radius-threshold).

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